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101 bridge in phoenixville NAME: 101 Bridge
TYPE: Steaks and Seafood
ADDRESS: 101 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 927-4481
DESCRIPTION:101 Bridge offers stylish new American cuisine in the historical landmark of the world renowned Phoenix steel company traditional and contemporary dining are forged to create a warm relaxed atmosphere and craft the perfect backdrop for casual find dining socializing business affairs or that special occasion.
black lab bistro in phoenixville NAME: Black Lab Bistro
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 248 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-5988
PRICE: $$$
DESCRIPTION: The Service is extremely attentive and friendly even though restaurant like this, that draw big crowns, the staff handled their jobs professionally. Ambiance is casual - elegant, the decor is beautiful amber walls, black room dividers and finished wood walls.
the columbia bar and grill in  phoenixville NAME: Columbia Bar & Grille
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 148 Bridge St. , Phoenixville, PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 983-0300
PRICE: $$$$
DESCRIPTION: Dine in one of five beautiful dining areas that have been receiving guests every year since 1893. This Chester County landmark serves extraordinary food and offers an extensive wine list.
NAME: The Crazy Cactus
TYPE: Mexican
ADDRESS: 1193 Valley Forge Rd, Phoenixville, PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-2778

The Crêperie  in phoenixville NAME: The Crêperie
TYPE: French
ADDRESS: 301 Bridge Street, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 917-0300
DESCRIPTION:We opened 9 years ago serving fine, authentic, savory, and sweet crêpes in town. Our décor is tastefully French with an exotic accent. The ambiance is cheerful, friendly and most of the staff members speak French. Our place will make you feel that you are magically vacationing in France. We hope you come to visit us.
pj ryans in phoenixville NAME: Daddy Mims' Creole, and Johnny's New Orleans Pizza
TYPE: Creole
ADDRESS: 150 Bridge St., Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-1800
Epicurean Restaurantin phoenixville NAME: Epicurean Restaurant & Bar
TYPE: Fine American Cuisine
ADDRESS: Rt 113, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-1336
DESCRIPTION: The Epicurean restaurant is a place for casual dining. Located in the Village at Eland , This cottage-style village is a neighborhood kind of place with many different specialty shops and professionals.
Fisherman Restaurant in phoenixville NAME: Fisherman Restaurant
TYPE: Seafood
ADDRESS: 440 Schuylkill Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-7340
fitzwater station in phoenixville NAME: Fitzwater Station
TYPE: American Cuisine, Saloon
ADDRESS: 264 Canal St, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 953-9958
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy carefree dining and drinking in our carefully restored 19th century building perched on the Schuylkill Canal. This tavern on the canal did a brisk business at the turn of the century as the hard working, hard drinking bargemen made it one of their favorite hostelries on the long trip to and from Philadelphia!
franco's ristorante in phoenixville NAME: Franco Ristorante
TYPE: Italian Cuisine
ADDRESS: 226 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-0880
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy delicious homemade Italian cuisine prepared by Chef Franco - Italian dinner dishes, scrumptious salads, delightful specialty sandwich platters, and a large array of gourmet pizzas.. Located in Historic Downtown Phoenixville, PA. This is a family owned and operated. restaurant Dinners are made fresh to order with homemade sauces.
G Lodge Restaurant in phoenixville NAME: G Lodge Restaurant
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 1371 Valley Forge Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-1646
the hand crafted cookie NAME: The Handcrafted Cookie Company
TYPE: American
ADDRESS: 24 S Main Street Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (484) 921-4934
DESCRIPTION: The Handcrafted Cookie Company produces a line of all-natural desserts with a focus on cookies. Also offered are mini cakes and cookie pies, cookie dough pops, cheesecakes, organic and fair-trade coffees and teas and corn syrup-free bottled beverages.
Harpoon Louie's in phoenixville NAME: Harpoon Louie's Steak & Seafood House
TYPE: Steak & Seafood
ADDRESS: Rte 724, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-1655
DESCRIPTION: With few exceptions everything is prepared in our kitchens. We start with the freshest and finest quality food available and prepare it in a kitchen clean enough for Mom's approval. Our busiest times don't influence the way we cook our food. Every entree begins raw, nothing is ever pre-cooked.
Irish Joe's Cafe in phoenixville NAME: Irish Joe's Cafe
TYPE: Irish and American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 180 Bridge Street, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-3625
iron hill in phoenixville NAME: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 130 East Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 983-9333
DESCRIPTION: The Brewery producing distinctive, full-flavored handcrafted beers, accompanied by inspired yet informal New American cuisine in a comfortable, casual atmosphere.
La Taverna in phoenixville NAME: La Taverna the Italian Tavern
TYPE: Authentic Italian Cuisine
ADDRESS: 1193 Valley Forge Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-2778
Liki in phoenixville NAME: Liki Japanese Restaurant
TYPE: Authentic Japanese, Sushi
ADDRESS: 263 Hoffecker Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 983-9960
DESCRIPTION: Uniquely different, authentic Japanese cuisine that is a feast for all your senses. If you want to be entertained, then journey into one of the Sizzling Hibachi Grill rooms where the chef will delight you by preparing savory appetizers and entrees right in front of you.
Los Mariachis in phoenixville NAME: Los Mariachis
TYPE: Authentic Mexican Cuisine
ADDRESS: 201 Gay Steet, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-2659
majolica in phoenixville NAME: Majolica
TYPE: French Cuisine
ADDRESS:258 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 917-0962
PRICE: $$$
DESCRIPTION: Majolica a step above what you will find in most neighborhood cafes they provide an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere and cuisine that is worth the drive no mater where you live in the Delaware Valley.
marlys in phoenixville NAME: Marly's
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 108 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-7471
PRICE: $$$
DESCRIPTION: A BYO with an upscale eclectic American Continental menu. One of the newest additions to the Phoenixville restaurant scene. Recently opened, and now serving dinner Monday through Saturday, and lunch Monday through Friday.
NAME: Mimmo's Pizza
TYPE: Pizza
ADDRESS: 240 Nutt Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-6770
molly maguire's in phoenixville NAME: Molly Maguire’s Irish Pub
TYPE: Irish & American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 197 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-9550
DESCRIPTION: Phoenixville’s Irish Pub serve traditional Irish fare, which includes Guinness-braised steak pie and ale-battered fish and chips. For the steak and potato diners, they also offer traditional American fare.
Nudy's Bridge Street Cafe in phoenixville NAME: Nudy's Bridge Street Cafe
TYPE:American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 450 Bridge Street, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-6085
O'Grady's Family Restaurant in phoenixville NAME: O'Grady's Family Restaurant
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 1009 Schuylkill Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-9335
Twin Bays Café in phoenixville NAME: Phoenix Diner
TYPE: Diner
ADDRESS: 785 Starr St, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-3565
pickering creek inn in phoenixville NAME: Pickering Creek Inn
TYPE:Classic American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 37 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-9962
DESCRIPTION: Located in historic Phoenixville, we are a warm, friendly eatery serving an eclectic blend of classic food with a contemporary flair. Our fantastic Beer (tap and bottle) and Wine selection is diverse and delicious!
pj ryans in phoenixville NAME: PJ Ryan's
TYPE: Irish Pub and American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 231 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-5600
DESCRIPTION: Friendly, attentive staff members are the norm at any of the Ryan's establishments and so is great food. Just like the pub in West Chester, the menu at PJ Ryans is full of delicious choices including their famous buffalo wings, enormous sandwiches, healthy salads and of course real meat and potato dishes like pork medallions and mouth watering Prime Rib..
NAME: Sal's Pizza Box
TYPE: Pizza
ADDRESS: 95 Nutt Rd, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-0600
Satang Thai Cuisinein phoenixville NAME: Satang Thai Cuisine
TYPE: Thai
ADDRESS: 277 Schuylkill Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 917-8780
seven stars inn in phoenixville NAME: Seven Stars Inn
TYPE: American Cuisine and Steakhouse
ADDRESS: 263 Hoffecker Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 495-5205
DESCRIPTION: The Seven Stars Inn is the original Chester County steakhouse. While a celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the naming of the inn is presently underway, historical records show that a “publik house” existed there since 1736!
Sly Fox Brewhouse in phoenixville NAME: Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 519 Kimberton Road (RT.113), Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-4540
DESCRIPTION: Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery in Phoenixville, PA has been delighting fans of fine beers and quality dining since 1996. A second pub in Royersford opened in 2004 in response to overwhelming customer demand.
steel city coffee house in phoenixville NAME: Steel City Coffee House
TYPE: Coffee, American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 203 Bridge St. , Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 933-4043
DESCRIPTION: The Steel City Coffee House hosts concerts on Fridays and Saturday evenings. Occasionally, acts that have a strong regional appeal will be considered for days other than Friday or Saturday. The venue has a maximum seating capacity of 92 persons, as such; they attempt to fill the venue each and every concert.
Tex's Barbecuein phoenixville NAME: Tex's Barbecue
PHONE: (610) 812-4738
DESCRIPTION: We start with the finest quality fresh meat, which we then smoke over 100% Hickory wood. No charcoal or lighter fluid is ever used. Our own recipe barbecue sauce is the perfect compliment to our smoked pork, chicken, or beef. We are a portable business, so check our schedule to see where to find us. We will be happy to help you with orders for parties or picnics so you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy the fun!
Thai L'Elephant in phoenixville NAME: Thai L'Elephant
TYPE: Thai, French
ADDRESS: 277 Schuylkill Rd Route 23, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 935-8613
DESCRIPTION:Experience the flavor and excitement of Thai cuisine with French flair and culture enhanced by the authentic antique Thai décor. Known for his innovative, exotic dishes, our chef, Michael Roethong, always pleases your taste buds. The diverse and flavorful menu has something for everyone, from mild to hot, vegetarian or not. One of the keys to the preparation of his wonderful food is the use of fresh herbs and spices such as Lemon Grass, Galangal, basil, mint, cilantro, chili and kaffir lime leaves.
Thai Place Restaurant in phoenixville NAME: Thai Place Restaurant
TYPE: Thai Cuisine
ADDRESS: 700 Nutt Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 917-9467
DESCRIPTION: Excellent food with great service makes this place a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. Food presenatation is beautiful too.
Twin Bays Café in phoenixville NAME: Twin Bays Café
TYPE: American Cuisine
ADDRESS: 19 South Whitehorse Road, Phoenixville PA 19460
PHONE: (610) 415-1300
PRICE: $$$
DESCRIPTION: The cafe, which once served as a stop on the underground railroad, serves excellent American cuisine, nightly special and the freshest desserts... the desserts you must save room for or get one to go... you will be glad that you did.